DJI Digital FPV System: Unboxing and Highlights


DJI has redefined the drone racing industry with their new digital FPV System. It delivers lower latency rates, stunning HD resolution, and an immersive FPV flying experience. This revolutionary solution consists of the DJI FPV Air Unit Module, DJI FPV Camera, DJI FPV Goggles, and DJI FPV Remote Controller (RC), each packed with incredible features.

Here, we will be unboxing the DJI FPV System and revealing everything that comes with the standard box. We will also be highlighting the specs and features that make this product the perfect FPV solution.

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Unboxing and Appearance

There’s plenty to discuss about the DJI FPV System but first, let’s have a quick look inside!

In the box

The DJI FPV System is equipped with everything you’ll need for your next FPV adventure. Inside the standard box you’ll find:

Air UnitAir-Unit

DJI FPV Air Unit Module

DJI FPV Camera (4 M2 screws included) × 1Coaxial cable × 1 DJI FPV Air Unit × 13-in-1 cable × 1Antenna (MMCX elbow) × 2



DJI FPV Goggles (foam padding included) × 1Power cable × 1Antenna × 4Headband × 1USB-C Cable × 1Sleeve × 1

 Remote Controller


DJI FPV RC (WB37 battery included) × 1


A New Era of FPV Racing

The new DJI HD Low Latency FPV Transmission technology (DJI HDL FPV Transmission), for the first time, provides pilots with remarkable HD resolution and latency rates lower than 28 ms, helping to elevate your FPV experience to incredible new heights!

8 Channels, 8 Drones

With an upgraded transmission technology, the DJI FPV Air Unit is equipped with eight frequency channels, which allows eight drones to fly simultaneously. With each pilot having their own channel, cross-interference is reduced, providing an optimal racing experience. ** There are up to eight channels for DJI FPV Goggles depending on the region (FCC: 8, CE/SRRC: 4, MIC: 3). Each channel has a bandwidth of 20 MHz. The default channel is eight and only one pilot at a time is allowed to use this channel. All channels operate under a 5.8GHz frequency.

Anti-Interference Digital Transmission

The DJI HDL FPV Transmission technology utilizes a two-way communication system to stabilize signal connections, granting pilots more flexibility while flying through challenging areas.


Smooth HD Image Quality

DJI FPV Goggles support and record in 720p/60fps and feature a 720p/120fps HD live view. This high-quality resolution is paired with latency rates lower than 28 ms, delivering a clear view and fast performance.

1080p Aerial Footage

Capture breathtaking videos in picturesque locations with the DJI FPV Air Unit, which provides pilots with 1080p/60fps recording.

7ms low latency

The latency between the DJI FPV Air Unit and the DJI FPV Remote Controller can go as low as 7 ms, allowing pilots to send flight commands faster and complete difficult aerial stunts.

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Integrated Control

4km Control Distance

During drone operation, the DJI FPV Remote Controller can control the DJI FPV Air Unit for up to 4 km, allowing pilots to fly farther with consistently stable signal strength. ** 4km maximum transmission distance; FCC: 4 km, CE: 0.7 km, SRRC: 4 km.

4-in-1 Closed-Loop Control

The DJI FPV Remote Controller’s closed-loop software allows users to remotely set parameters for DJI FPV Goggles, the DJI FPV Air Unit, and the DJI FPV Camera, increasing stabilization and reducing operational errors.

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Dynamic Filming Capabilities

The DJI FPV Camera has a 150° ultra-wide-angle lens, which allows users to capture more landscape into the frame. Pilots can also select from three camera modes (Racing, Standard, LED) to overcome challenges in different flying scenarios as well as adjust screen brightness and saturation to obtain a vivid image.

Accessories that Boost Your FPV Experience

Equip yourself with an array of incredible accessories for the DJI FPV System and its accompanying components.


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