Ninebot mini (PRO)


“The miniPRO is incredibly fun and carefully designed to provide riders with an experience unlike any other two-wheel ride on the market,” said Brian Buccella, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Segway. “Built with the most advanced balancing technology, the miniPRO glides automatically, based on the rider’s movements, providing the most stable, hands-free ride imaginable,” added Buccella. “Additionally, the miniPRO recently earned UL’s coveted 2272 safety certification, which was very important to us, given our renowned reputation for product quality and rider safety.”

miniPRO Product Specifications
Developed with patented, advanced self-balancing technology, the miniPRO’s on-board computer tracks the rider’s movements at over 100 times per second via complex algorithms, sensors and high-speed processors. Its safety controls monitor the miniPRO’s smart technology enabling the device to learn and adapt to the user’s riding habits and its 10.5″ inflatable tires ensure an ultra-smooth ride both indoors and outdoors. In addition, riders can monitor speed, view dashboard performance data, customize lighting on the unit, engage a tamper-proof security alarm and remotely operate the device, unmanned, with the Ninebot by Segway App.

The miniPRO provides an agile riding experience for ages 16 to 60 and makes it easy for riders to comfortably ride, stop and make 360 degree turns. Designed with the North American consumer in mind, it features a powerful, high-performance lithium-ion battery for sustainable power and can be charged anywhere. The miniPRO allows riders to travel distances of up to 14 miles on a single charge with a top-speed of 10 mph. The device’s aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame is durable and compact enough to fit into any vehicle.


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