Gopro Hero 6 Black Edition


Hero 6 Black packs a serious punch. It takes better photos, shoots better video and is what the company calls an “intelligent camera” thanks to its custom GP1 chip. Hero 6’s case is hiding a new kind of magic inside. It’s called the GP1 processor.

this new action camera can now record both 4K at 60 frames-per-second, and 1080p at 240 frames-per-second. This means you can get stunning slow motion footage at full HD, and a much smoother ultra HD image.

In tandem with that, the Hero 6 captures HEVC codec video, which means the camera benefits also from not seeing excessive power consumption, or overheating, while still having fantastic image quality at a low bitrate.

The GP1 also enables a new stabilisation algorithm. So, while the camera doesn’t have mechanical/optical stabilisation, this new algorithm should produce end results that look like they’ve been shot using a gimbal. Or at least, that’s what GoPro promises.

Waterproof to 10m (33 feet)
Two screens: one front, one back
4K at 60fps/1080p at 240fps
HEVC video codec
New algorithm for stabilsation
RAW and HDR photos
GP1 enables advanced action recognition
Stories offload 3 times faster
5GHz Wi-Fi
GPS, accelerometer, Bluetooth, gyroscope
Voice control in 10 languages


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