GoPro Hero 5


What’s up guys I’m Mikki from today we are reviewing the GoPro Hero 5 black action camera which is probably the one using most often now but I know the question that’s on your mind and that is this the best action camera out right now were going to cover that at end of the review and a lot more in the process, so stay tuned and also if you haven’t already make sure you visit the site I promise you were going to show you some really cool gear on this blog and help you save money that’s were all about.

Alrighty so the Hero Five black is according to the CEO of GoPro the action camera that they always wanted to make it just took them 14 years to do it and I kind of feel the same way I wish I had this camera all along but I don’t know that I would say it’s mind-blowing or anything it is a solid action camera though at any rate let’s talk first about design and hardware and then number will talk about the whole camera stuff like media recording in terms of design think of the Hero Five black as a water resistant throw for silver with extras out-of-the-box it is water rated down to 10 meters so no external housing unit required.

That’s awesome but if you want you can get a dive mount separately and GoPro has like accessories pretty much for everything it is also compatible with the new car madrone and most existing GoPro accessories which means if you already have a bunch of GoPro stuff you’re probably good to go or if you’re new to GoPro and you’re watching your wallet bit you can still get one of those cheaper bundles on amazon that have like 30 accessories and by the way if saving money is your thing you should definitely check rise those deals where all the time finding some great deals and discounts on GoPros smart watches and other cool stuff gear that you guys are really gonna like will drop the link below in the description and have it here on the screen for you and getting back to the hero five.


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