DJI Mini 2 FAQ: All Your Questions Answered


1. How much does DJI Mini 2 weigh?

Weighing around 242 grams, DJI Mini 2 is almost as light as the average smartphone.

Note: Actual product weight may vary. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Check local rules and regulations before use.


2. What are the major parameters of DJI Mini 2’s camera?

DJI Mini 2 is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with up to 12 million effective pixels.


3. What are the maximum photo and video resolutions supported by DJI Mini 2?

The maximum video resolution of DJI Mini 2 is 4K/30fps. As for photos, the maximum is 4000×3000 (4:3)/4000×2250 (16:9).


4. Can DJI Mini 2’s camera zoom? How can I use it?

Yes, DJI Mini 2 supports 4x digital zoom.
4K: 2x
2.7K: 3x
FHD: 4x
Open video mode in the camera view of the DJI Fly app, tap the zoom icon, then zoom in with two fingers, or use the dial while pressing the Fn button on the remote controller to zoom in.


5. What are the main upgrades of DJI Mini 2 compared to Mavic Mini?

The new DJI Mini 2 has kept all the core competitive features of Mavic Mini, including portability, travel-friendliness, and ease of use, while at the same time significantly improving features like image transmission, fight performance, camera performance, intelligent features, and user experience. DJI Mini 2’s image transmission system is particularly impressive as it has been upgraded to OcuSync 2.0 from enhanced Wi-Fi. Its max flight speed and wind resistance have also been also improved, providing more options for shooting locations and conditions.

6. What is the main advantage of OcuSync 2.0?

OcuSync 2.0 is DJI’s powerful image transmission system. It features stronger interference resistance thanks to automatic frequency switching, delivering clear video transmission feeds from distances of up to 10 km (when unobstructed, free of interference, and FCC-compliant).


7. How long can DJI Mini 2 fly for?

31 minutes (measured while flying at 4.7 m/s in windless conditions).


8. DJI Mini 2 is ultralight, but how does it perform in windy conditions?

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DJI Mini 2 has significantly improved its wind resistance during flight and can be reliably flown in up to 29-38kph winds. It can also hover stably when wind speeds are as high as 8.5-10.5 m/s.


9. How high can DJI Mini 2 fly?

The maximum flight altitude is 500 m and the max takeoff altitude is 4000 m, but this can vary by country and region due to local laws. Always be aware of the rules and regulations for your aircraft in your area before flying.

10. Does DJI Mini 2 support obstacle avoidance?

No. However, DJI Mini 2’s downward sensors (along with its GPS) aid with positioning and stability. If you are flying in an area with obstacles, we recommend using DJI Mini 2 with the 360° Propeller Guard to protect the propellers and fly safely.

11. I am a beginner/new pilot. Where can I find tips about using DJI Mini 2?

For beginners and seasoned pilots alike, DJI Mini 2 is an incredible choice. It carefully optimizes user experience and intelligent features. Thanks to features like smart Return to Home, automatic takeoff, and precise hovering, the operation is more streamlined and safer than ever. With just a few taps, intelligent functions like QuickShots and Panorama automatically capture professional-level videos to share directly on social media. DJI also provides hands-on tutorials via the DJI Fly app, and beginners can get started with Mini 2 quickly and easily.


12. Can I use DJI Mini 2 to edit videos for sharing on social media platforms?

Yes. The intuitive editor of the DJI Fly app includes a diverse set of creative templates. Flying, shooting, editing, and sharing can be done easier than ever, allowing you to create and share anywhere, anytime.


13. Does DJI Mini 2 support panorama?

Yes. It supports Sphere, 180°, and Wide-Angle.


14. How can I transfer photos and videos to my phone?

QuickTransfer can help. It is an all-new feature of DJI Mini 2 that allows users to quickly transfer photos and videos in the DJI Fly app to your mobile device. With QuickTransfer, users can quickly download their clips for instant sharing on social media.


15. Is the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo worth it?

For just a small additional cost, the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo includes some must-have DJI Mini 2 accessories that will make flying easier and more enjoyable. This combo contains two more intelligent flight batteries, two spare propellers, and twelve more screws. You also get a Two-Way Charging Hub, a DJI Mini 2 Propeller Holder, a DJI 18W USB Charger, and a DJI Mini 2 Shoulder Bag. Purchasing the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is significantly cheaper than purchasing the drone and these accessories separately.


16. Are there any additional accessories I can buy?

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For extra style and functionality, the DJI Mini Bag fits your DJI Mini 2, Two-Way Charging Hub, remote controller, and other small personal items. The 360° Propeller Guard is highly recommended for beginners or anyone who flies indoors or near people. You will also be able to personalize DJI Mini 2 with a collection of shell stickers and colorful markers that come in the DIY Creative Kit. To explore more accessories, check out the DJI Mini 2 product page.


17. Can I take photos or videos without a microSD card?

Yes. However, when a microSD card is not installed, the photos or videos you take will have a lower resolution (720p). It is recommended to install a microSD card before shooting.


18. What smartphones are compatible with DJI Mini 2?

For the remote controller, the maximum compatible phone width is 92mm. For the DJI Fly App, most smartphones on the market are compatible. We recommend downloading the DJI Fly app before you buy.


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