Creality LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer high strength interpretation of ultra-high cost-effective configuration


Creality LD-002R 3D printer is a new product based on LD-002. The molding principle is the same. It adopts the “LCD selective area light transmission principle” molding technology. The LD-002R 3D printer integrates many functional technologies in printing accuracy, printing speed and product functions, and has nine high-end configurations, making the new LD-002R available for more market choices and can be more widely used in denture dentistry and jewelry , Animation, and other application scenarios.

LD-002 new upgraded

1、2K HD micron fine art, print details

If the resolution and accuracy of 3D printers are the first priority, then the creality new 3D product LD-002R is undoubtedly your first choice. The LD-002R 3D printer usera a 2K solid-state display stsyem, which can achieve printing accuracy of 0.02-0.05mm, and a single spot area point is only 26.1μ㎡, which can cahieve delicate smooth surfaces or fine and complex texture reproduction, which is comparable to millions of industrial-grade effects with the smallest details, the printing accuracy is better than FDM.

2、Uniform light intensity and greatly improved accuracy

LD-002R LCD Resin 3D printer adopts 405nm wavelength ultraviolet light source display, LCD lamp beads parallel matrix light source design, uniformity is greater than 90%, reflector cup condensing design, light source is more concentrated, light source is uniformly illuminated, effectively avoiding uneven light and light source exhaustion Printing fails, greatly improving the success rate of printing.

3、Refined model processing to reduce jaggedness

LD-002R LCD Printer system supports 4-8 times edge anti-aliasing function. After special algorithm processing, it can accurately restore design details, effectively reduce edge aliasing, meet the needs of fine print, make model details smoother and more delicate, and effectively reduce Difficulty and time of processing.

4、LCD surface molding technology, multiple models can be printed at the same time

LD-002R adopts LCD molding technology, Compared with FDM dot molding technology, LCD surface molding technology greatly improves the work efficiency. The printing speed is 6-18s / layer. The maximum printing speed is 70mm / hr. Printing can improve the printing speed in an all-round way, and delicately restore each true idea.

5、Large molding area, no boundaries for creativity

LD-002R is optimized and upgraded in configuration and has a larger printing size. This new product has a molding area of 120 * 65 * 165mm, which can complete larger and more printing tasks at one time, and can produce various precision parts with complex structures and Assemblies, if you often have big ideas in your brain, let LD-002R help you achieve it!

6、Ball linear slide, more stable performance

LD-002R adopts ball linear slide rail design. Every slight movement of it has become accurate. This effectively guarantees the stability of the tray lifting and positioning accuracy, and helps the printing to output smoothly. This design also improves the stability of the Z axis. , Eliminate wavy patterns, smooth model surface, and better detail reduction effect.


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