DJI have made 8 handy video quick tip tutorials covering everything from walking to Vlogging with the Osmo single handle gimbal. Also covered with the quick tips is timelapses, auto panorama, long exposures, and action selfies to name a few.

Osmo Quick Tips: Remote Control

Controlling the Osmo with your smartphone means you can place the camera in an area that you physically can’t quite get to yourself. Explore how this functionality can improve your photos and video with this quick tip.

Osmo Quick Tips: Action Selfie

Everyone takes selfies, but due to shaky phone cameras, dynamic action selfies were out of the question. Not with the Osmo. Learn how to take selfies the way they were meant to be.

Osmo Quick Tips: Auto Panorama

Panoramas can be tricky, even for the most seasoned photographer. Learn how the Osmo removes human error from the process of getting a panorama photo and create ultra-wide 360 degree photos whenever you want.

Osmo Quick Tips: Long Exposures

Long exposures can be a very technical and very time-consuming process. Why not let the Osmo do all of the work for you? With its stabilization gimbal, the Osmo remains stable and reliable for stunning time-lapse photos and video.

Osmo Quick Tips – Biking

Finally, smooth and stable video is available for outdoors and cycling enthusiasts. Learn how to attach the Osmo to any bicycle and record perfect video with ease in this quick tip.

Osmo Quick Tips: Timelapses

Learn how the Osmo helps to streamline the process of creative, captivating Time-lapse video with the simple push of a button.

Osmo Quick Tips: Vlogging

Add another level of professionalism and finesse to your Vlog videos with the Osmo. The three axis gimbal stabilizes the video allowing you to get out of the bedroom and Vlog from absolutely anywhere.

Osmo Quick Tips: The Walk

Add another layer of fluid motion to your Osmo videos by learning the fundamentals of walking with flat, stable strides.


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